“We Do Not Rise to the Level of Our Expectations.

We Fall to the Level of Our Training.”

- Archilochus, Greek Soldier, 650 BC



The Primary Focus at Protect Yourself Academy is providing the training experience that your life can depend on. We aim to install and develop skills to help you adapt to different levels of threats in order to protect yourself, your family, or loved ones. You will also develop awareness, habits, and protocols that will help you avoid these bad situations and increase your ability to manage your safety and the safety of those you are responsible for.


  • Boxing
  • KickBoxing – Muay Thai, Savate, Sanda
  • Clinch – Muay Thai, Dirty Boxing, Greco Roman,
  • Edged Weapons - Kali Escrima Sword, Machete, & Knife Fighting

The skill installation for each curriculum above will first be introduced to help protect yourself in a self defense situation before I introduce it as a traditional martial art or sport. As this being the primary goal you will have a better understanding and ability to defend yourself by the end of your first class.

Sifu Allan and Students Escrima Training

Why Train at Protect Yourself Academy?

  • Training is Prioritized based on whats Most Probable & Most Useful by Maximizing Your Strengths while Managing Your Weaknesses.
  • Increase Physical Health, Self Motivational Skills & Fighting Skills Simultaneously
  • Learn & Develop Practical Martial Arts Such as – Boxing, Muay Thai, Clinch, and etc.
  • Develop the Awareness and Skill to Manage your Safety and those you are Responsible for.

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ONLY $50 a Private Instead of $100!


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