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There are several highly probable knife attacks that most people my encounter. In the videos below Sifu Allan Jardin shares a Knife Defense against a committed stab to the stomach.

FMA Basic Knife Defense – Filipino Martial Arts Hawaii 1 of 2<


1. Primary response is the quick strip
2. If The Grip is tighter than a kung fu master, return to sender and strip with the C-Hand obtaining the Weapon in a forward grip with the edge in the reverse position. Follow up with the basic back cutting & stabbing options:

  • Bicep – Eliminates the struggle against the trapped / isolated limb.
  • Kidney – vital target
  • Femoral – vital target
  • Shoulder – Eliminates full function of that arm. after attacking most vital targets the opponent may have time to draw a weapon and use it against you before the opponent bleeds out.
  • Neck – Vital target
  • Armpit – Vital target

In the second video Sifu Allan follows up with a highly probable variation if the initiated knife defense have been missed.

FMA Basic Knife Defense – Filipino Martial Arts Hawaii 2 of 2

Sifu Allan shares a highly optimal position that can be obtained in a threatening edged weapon scenario. Once in this Position Sifu Allan Goes Through The Basic Objectives in this optimal Position.

1. Isolating the threats weapon limb and draw your own

2. Return to Sender
3. 2 types of disarms / strips
4. 2 types of Immobilization Attacks once you draw your edged tool or take your opponents blade.

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Video Below is Sifu Allan Jardin Performing a Kali / Escrima Carenza. The motion is a free style pattern sayaw (dance).